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elliot iddon

session pianist 

videography by Jono Tarrant


Elliot Iddon is a multi-faceted pianist, taught throughout his early childhood by an experimental, unorthodox Canadian instrumentalist, his approach to playing was not defined by traditional methods, but with an emphasis on his musical ear and improvisation. His style now encompasses these unorthodoxies, whilst integrating elements of jazz, funk, soul and classical influence.

Today, Elliot works as a session pianist and a pianist for hire. His performances and repertoire are entirely arranged and personalised by him, resulting in a unique musical service. Frequently playing for bars, restaurants and social events, Elliot can provide fascinating takes on familiar cl
assics, or just that touch of class to an evening.

Recently, he regularly performs at the prestigious St. Michael's Hotel in Falmouth
, for the Vice-Chancellor of Falmouth University and at The Great Estate Festival in Cornwall.

photography by Jim Harper @jim.harpphotography


Elliot in studio, performing an improvised composition 

Elliot improvising a jazz solo whilst performing a live lounge with Cornish jazz rock band, The Beau Bennett Collective 

bookings & enquiries

I am open and flexible in my hours and repertoire to suit your needs, so please feel free to contact me regarding any booking enquiries.

Email: ElliotIddonPiano(at)

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