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elliot iddon

videography by Jono Tarrant


Elliot Iddon is a multi-faceted pianist, taught throughout his early childhood by an experimental, unorthodox Canadian instrumentalist, his approach to playing was not defined by traditional methods, but with an emphasis on his musical ear and improvisation. His sound now encompasses these unorthodoxies, whilst integrating elements of minimalism, jazz & blues to create an intimate sound.

Elliot works as a producer, composer and session pianist as an active member of a thriving South West music scene. He is currently working on his first studio album, 'Swallowfields', an introspective and intimate reflection of his relationship with the piano, growing up in his family home. 

Throughout his playing career so far, Elliot has performed at the internationally recognised Half Moon in Putney, as well as festivals such as The Great Estate in Cornwall.


photography by Jim Harper @jim.harpphotography


Elliot in studio, performing an improvised composition 

Elliot improvising a jazz solo whilst performing a live lounge with Cornish jazz rock band, The Beau Bennett Collective 

bookings & enquiries

If you think I may be what you're looking for regarding any events or upcoming projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the email below:

Email: ElliotIddonPiano(at)

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